Grooming Kitty

If your Senior kitty or Matted kitty is in distress, Book Now to help relieve their pain with my calm and gradual art of Gentle Cat Grooming.

My cozy groom room welcomes you with peaceful surroundings and feline pheromones to help calm and soothe anxiety. Strictly no sedation, no force, and no tears. I spend the first hour getting to know kitty and assessing how best to approach the groom so that kitty doesn’t become stressed. Grooming follows with many brief sessions and can take several hours as kitty is always free to pause the groom whenever desired, so please allow at least 4 hours for grooming to complete.

If you choose to remain with your kitty, you may provide comfort and reassurance, however, you are not permitted to hold kitty while I groom. This way the precious bond of trust that kitty shares with you is not harmed.

Cats are naturally clean. They do like water, but only on their own terms. I never bathe cats except for medical reasons or to remove harmful toxins from the coat. Instead, I cleanse the coat with an all natural waterless foam, then a brush out when dry leaves the coat clean and refreshed. Frequent bathing can dry the skin which may lead to irritations, so please people, don’t put kitty through unnecessary bathing.   Meow