The Gentle Cat Groomer

Hi I am Samantha

I am firstly a Cat lover, Cat Behaviourist and Cat Groomer.

Cats have been my dearest companions since childhood. Back then they were short hair tabbies who required little grooming, so I was quite unprepared for the demands of maintaining my first long haired kitty, a Chinchilla named Benny.  It was the beginning of my mission…  To help cats who can’t help themselves.

Cats are masters at concealing pain, so their grooming needs can often be overlooked and then we wonder why kitty seems so cranky.  Over the years I have learned the ways of cats, I call it Cat Whispers – its in their eyes, their purrs and their hisses. I weave my craft of soothing fears and easing pain with nothing more than love, patience and sharing whispers.

In past years I volunteered at Lort Smith Animal Hospital cat shelter and later fostered cats in my home. This experience gave me a huge insight into the minds of fearful strays and feral cats, I dedicated much of my time in gaining their trust and socialising them to become suitable for adoption. I’m very honored and proud to have made a difference to these felines who would otherwise have perished.

I currently share my home with four cats, all adopted from Lort Smith and some I personally fostered. I only wish I could save more of these remarkable felines.

My focus is on grooming cats The Gentle Way… I do this because cats should not suffer from neglect, oversight or financial circumstance.